The Government provides a comprehensive education that satisfies the requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline for all students throughout Western Australia.

A substantial portion of the operating costs associated with the education of students is from State and Commonwealth Governments. These funds go towards salaries of teaching and administrative staff, school buildings and facilities, equipment and course materials. Fundraising, sponsorships and donations from parents and school communities also supplement the funds required to fund the operation of a school.

This information is provided to explain the different types of expenditure parents might incur during the 2018 school year.


The contribution being requested has been endorsed by the School Board and adheres to the ‘Contributions, Charges and Fees Manual’, December 2016. The contribution is voluntary and the funds collected will be used to supplement school expenditure in the curriculum learning areas. Parents may pay the voluntary contribution either via Campion when purchasing their school requirements, or directly to the school at the commencement of the school year.

The contributions are $60.00 for each child.

While the contribution is voluntary the quality of our teaching and learning program will be maximised when each family makes its contribution to the cost of supplementing the funding gained from other sources. Contributions collected will be used to support the ICT Program, supplying iPads and notebooks for teachers.

Extra Cost Optional Components

Activities that enrich the educational program will be offered to students throughout the year and may vary at each year level. Student participation in an activity will be conditional on payment as these activities are not covered by the voluntary contribution.

The table below is a summary of the optional components and the maximum anticipated payment for 2018. The activities will not exceed the costs shown and if an activity does not transpire within the school year no payment for that event will be required.

Contributions and Charges for 2018



Interm Swimming $50$50$50$50$50$50$50
Excursions and Incursions$60$130$105$140$115$160$135$135
Class Activities e.g. cooking, art, science$20$20$20$20$20$20$20$20
Sporting Activities – carnivals & programs  $10$10$50$50$70$70
Grade 6 Camp       $350
Year 6 Graduation       $50


Instrumental Music
– SIM Instrument Hire
– School expenses for consumables
EYES (Early Years Extension) Program  $10$10$10   
PEAC Programs     $45$275$300
MAXIMUM ANTICIPATED CHARGES$80$200$195$230$265$455$700$1125

Payment Options

  • Extra Cost Optional Component activities will be advertised in the newsletter, on the school website or by a separate note distributed to students with a payment envelope attached.
  • The Year 6 students will be offered the opportunity to participate in an end-of-year excursion, luncheon, and a graduation ceremony that includes the presentation of certificates, graduation booklets, awards and a gift to the school.

Personal items for student use

The charges for personal use items will vary from student to student and include:

  • Educational program requirements e.g. stationery items, workbooks, calculator, art and craft materials.
  • Other personal items required but not essential e.g. library bag, art shirt, water bottle.

A recommended list of materials the students will require each year is distributed to families. The School Requirements Lists are available from Campion. Parents may choose to use the selected supplier or a supplier of their own choice.

It will be necessary to replace some items e.g. pens, pencils, glue, during the year and parents are asked to check these each term and replenish when necessary.

Other Voluntary Approved Requests

The North Perth Primary School Parents and Citizens (P & C) Association are requesting each school family to make a contribution to help finance the many activities and resources they support.

Fundraising Activities

A variety of fundraising activities will be conducted throughout the year by the Student Councillors and Parents and Citizens (P & C) Association, including some on behalf of community and charity organisations.

Incursion and Excursions

Activities that enrich the educational program will be offered to students throughout the year and may vary at each year level. Student participation in an activity will be conditional on payment as these activities are not covered by the voluntary contribution.

Financial Arrangements

Statements will be issued throughout the year to inform parents of payments that are outstanding.

Financial Hardship

Families experiencing financial hardship are invited to contact the Principal or Manager Corporate Services to discuss payment options.

Camp Payment Schedule

A payment schedule for the Year 6 Camp may be negotiated with the Manager Corporate Services with the final payment being made no later than four weeks prior to the camp commencing.


Refund of Voluntary Contributions

Parents may be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of the voluntary contribution if their child transfers to another school prior to the end of the school year. Alternatively, the remaining funds can be transferred to the new school. Refunds are calculated on a pro-rata basis and made on receipt of a written request by the Manager Corporate Services at the school.

Refunds of Extra Cost Optional Component Payments

Payments collected for an activity that is subsequently cancelled will be redirected to the next activity. Alternatively, parents may request a refund by forwarding a written request to the Manager Corporate Services at