I frequently think to myself how lucky I am to be in a position to lead such a vibrant and exceptional school.

North Perth Primary School plays such an important part, and is the heart of, the North Perth community. Its unique location, rich history, supportive families, committed teachers and amazing kids makes North Perth Primary an exceptional place to be.

I am passionate about high quality teaching and a huge advocate for public education. This drives me to create an environment where every child is known, valued and cared for, and where classrooms inspire learning. I lead a team of teachers and support staff who work hard every day to make this a reality. They go above and beyond to make North Perth Primary a great place to be. Our focus on continually seeking ways to learn and to improve ourselves while promoting and recognising teamwork are our core foundations.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing students’ progress from their first day of Kindy through to graduating in Year 6, equipped to take the next step in their lives. I want all students to look back on their time at North Perth Primary with happiness and fond memories they will value forever.

If you live in our local intake area, and have students of school age, why not drop in and make an appointment to meet me, or join one of my regular school tours.


Andrew Streeton Principal,
North Perth Primary